Seoul’s Sprouting Startup Scene


Editor’s note:Sebastien Park is an associate at Collaborative Fund.

A couple of years ago, a list of the world’s top startup ecosystems compared cities like Berlin, Tel Aviv, and London to get at what made startups successful. There wasn’t enough data to compare Asia at the time, but there’s one city in the region that’s quietly been developing into another important tech hub: Seoul.

When you first think of South Korea, you might think of Samsung, the singer/songwriter PSY, or even the occasional K-drama. Take a closer look and you’ll find that 80 percent of the population are LTE users, the country is among the top three in terms of mobile app revenue, or that it’s been ranked first by Bloomberg’s Global Innovation Index (based on things like density of public tech companies).

While these might be interesting to know, the things that make a startup…

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