Visually Curate Your Digital Magazine or Product Showcase with Clipzine

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Robin Good‘s insight:

Clipzine is a web app which makes it easy to collect images from any website page and to visually organize them into page-based collections.

On each page it is possible to place as many as 24 pieces of content and to decide how large or small each element will be. The user can expand each imported element over two or more tiles and move it around to any position.

It is also possible to use one or more tiles to add custom text and information and to format it professionally.

One key practical use of Clipzine that can be helpful in testing out its capablities is its ability to create a visual magazine of any Pinterest board.

Just go to the selected Pinterest board page, click the Clipzine bookmarklet and select the unique Clipzine option to capture “all” images available on that page at once.

Once captured all the images in a “zine”, click on Edit / Syling and then on the Styling button that appears above each page content. Now hover with your mouse on any image in the collection and experiment with the feature buttons that appear around and in the center of each image.

The final collection, called a zine, can be saved, published on the web, shared on social media, embedded on other sites or saved to a PDF file.

My comment: This is one of the very few curation tools that leverages a tremendously powerful variable: control of positioning and size of elements in a collection. This is very useful as it empowers the curator to go beyond the linear top-down list or newspaper/magazine sequence and to create a more varied “equilibrium” between the elements in the collection.

Understanding how to use Clipzine is not as intuitive as one would like, and the UI, thanks also to the presence of unpleasant and distracting ads is not as clean and straightforward as I would like to be.

Promising concept. Powerful visual control in the hands of the curator. A bit disappointing implementation and not so intuitive and simple to use (for now). 

Free to use. Ad supported.

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