Introducing the stylish service CLIPZINE.

Anyone who have own contents on the internet want to announce their contents to many more people. There are a lot of ways to announce you might already know and you are able to do such as increasing Page Rank and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), sharing your contents URL to as many sites as possible, and leaving more comments, likes, and trace of shares to the other’s contents and blogs etc. Here we’ll more focus on creation and sharing the contents and the way to increase traffic.

“21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic

“Make Your Blog’s Content SEO-Friendly”

“Target Your Content to an Audience Likely to Share”

“Send your Social Bookmarks to the Top Social Networks and quickly”…

There are many services to help you and make you more easily sharable on the internet. For example, It’s service that you can submit the text and URL link for the written blog to many pre-configured sharing sites at once when you write a blog. 

I think you may be already using one of that services or just considering what service you will use. The most important thing for your decision is how to minimize your spending time to use that service to announce your existing contents and how to announce more effectively.

Social Sites

If you already have your own blog or just have contents you want to share, you will probably share that contents by simple text or image and link. 

But you might want to share by some more stylish recreated media to share more effectively and interestingly if you are possible. And there are several media you can use to be stylish such as image, video/audio, awf, and pdf etc. But may not be easy to create the media content using your existing contents because you might need another tool to edit the media or it’s hard to edit and make it more stylish.

I’d like to introduce the service CLIPZINE ( that you can do clip, styling, submit, download, embed, and share. This service makes you are able to create the stylish media looks like leaflet or magazine using your contents and share it with many people in the Internet.


1. Clip

  • Create a zine by clipping to re-organize and re-create using your existing contents.
  • The zine has one or more pages and one page has one or more clips.
  • The clip has one image and title/content.

2. Styling

  • Edit the zine more stylishly
  • You can change a style of the clip and zine such as font, color, size, position, and background etc.

3. Submit

  • Submit a text, image, URL, and PDF of the zine or zine page to several preconfigured sites at once by submitter tool offered.

4. Download

  • You can download the zine in JPG image or PDF format.
  • So you are or anyone is able to email, distribute it easily.

5. Embed

  • Embed the zine or zine page to the other site you want.
  • Plugin by code or embed by image.

6. Share

  • You know you can share it.

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