Sanur, Bali

what's brewing?

“Sendirian, mbak?”

I was often asked this question by the Balinese there. I had to explain that my friend and I both stayed at different places during our first & second day in Bali. I chose to stay in Sanur as I had a diving trip the next day. My friend was in Legian. Sanur is the closest city to Nusa Penida, accessible by 40 mins boat journey. It is a small town with a somewhat non-existent night life. I was lucky I was able to witness the people in Sanur celebrating Melasti (cleansing ritual) on that day (13th Nov 2012). The Balinese ladies were all geared in the traditional kebaya and the men in sarongs. Even the kids too.

Stayed in Little Pond Homestay for Rp. 200k (with a/c and hot water) as the other rooms were full. I dont use a/c that often so that is not a requirement…

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