Happy Holidays: Why cruising isn’t what people think

Made By Katie

I have been absolutely terrible recently and completely neglected my poor blog. However it’s not through sheer laziness (Well, that’s not the sole reason at least), I have recently been on a delightful family holiday with Princess Cruises.

I know what you’re probably thinking. A cruise? Really? Normally anyone wrinkle-free and under the age of fifty wouldn’t even CONSIDER cruising. Going on a cruise ship doesn’t really shout ‘I’m young, adventurous and want to backpack around the world!’. However, sometimes tradition is the hardest thing to get out of, and the best thing for you.

I have been going on cruises as a holiday with my family since I was fourteen years old. In a way, going back on a cruise feels like a trip down memory lane and reminds me of all the fond childhood memories I have of my family.

This doesn’t mean I prefer cruising to backpacking, it’s just a different experience. It’s a family experience, and…

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